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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  July 18, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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of 95, you are done. trying to get home in southern maryland, wait until the storm passes. that will clear out in the next hour. we will talk about what lies the head -- behind this cold front. lots of neighbors are without thought -- power. there reporting more than 12,000 were out. and just over 4000 pepco customers are on as well -- out of power as well. 's day one on the floor at the republican national convention. donald trump is trying to get the party to nominate the candidate and it led to a very loud and -- unscripted event on the floor. it's not exactly how the party hoped to open festivities here. >> reporter: hello, not exactly. it's the center of the political universe for the next four days and you will hear
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convention but that was not at all the scene we saw just a few moments ago. you could call this the last gasp of the never trump movement. these are the republicans who wanted to see anybody but trump the the republican nominee and they felt like this was their last big chance to really fight this out. they managed to force the issue to the floor, demanding a vote. -- or the chance to vote for somebody else later on. listen to how that went over. >> all those in favor say aye. all those opposed to know -- it's no. all those opposed, no. with that, the ayes have it. we are not going to do this again. >> a pretty raucous scene there. one of the most vocal never trump report -- supporters spoke.
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>> [indiscernible] >> this is still trump's convention, despite all the chaos on the floor. with some of them walking out. donald trump gets the first chance to put a stamp on this tonight and tonight we will hear from one of his biggest and frankly rarest surrogates, his wife melania who almost never speaks on the campaign trail. here's a preview of what we know about her. and what we might hear from her tonight. >> the slovenian born former fashion model with her own jewelry line, she would be a first lady like no other. she was born -- in eastern europe in 1970. she signed a modeling crime -- contract at age 18, modeling out of new york city in 1996 and in 2005 she became the third wife of the brash billionaire donald trump --
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unlike michelle obama or and romney, she's a rare presence on the campaign trail. when trump rolled out mike pence , most of both families were intent -- in attendance but not melania. she said she prefers to stay in new york with the couple's 10- year-old son. she accompanies donald trump on the trail rarely and speaks even less. in her last public remarks three months ago in milwaukee, she heaped praise on her husband. >> i'm very proud of him. he's a hard worker. he's kind. he has a great heart . he's tough, he's smart. he's a great communicator. >> the entire speech lasted just 90 seconds. her term at center -- time at center stage will be a lot -- a little longer at a few minutes but few speakers will have a more important task. >> if anybody at -- knows donald trump, it's his wife so i think hearing from her gives people a better idea of who he is probably than anybody else.
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>> reporter: in another break from tradition in a campaign that's been full of them, it will be taught -- it will be donald trump himself introducing his wife melania tonight. this could be quite interesting affair as neither one of them is likely to stick to their scripts. >> hard to imagine he would miss an opportunity to at least comment on the chaos that open on the floor today. on our facebook page we asked if she becomes the next first lady, what you think her causes will be? >> they straight up said -- he's straight up said his wife shouldn't work because then she will be unable to fulfill -- fulfill her quote wifely duties. i believe she speaks five languages. can you even speak two? not a trump advocate but she just happens to be married to him -- she didn't choose to be first lady.
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as for the convention itself, the first day focuses on security and immigration. vice president pick mike pence is in cleveland with donald trump on the way , as you heard. in addition to the speech from melania tonight, the couple's children will be center stage all week long. john kasich is not endorsed trump and is keeping the convention. there is speculation that her vice presidential nominee will be with her. among those reportedly on her short list are virginia senator tim kaine -- corey booker and secretary julian castro. this is her today addressing the naacp convention in cincinnati, ohio. we now have brand-new information concerning yesterday's killing of three law enforcement officers in baton rouge, louisiana. state and local officials are confirming the shooter was 29- year-old gavin long, a former marine sergeant in kansas city.
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they say long carried two rifles and a handgun in semi's attack and surveillance video shows he specifically targeted law officers. sneaking up on them and firing at close range. the governor and other leaders are using words like ambush, assassination and active evil. >> this was -- act of evil. >> this was a diabolical act on the very fabric of society. that is not hyperbole or an overstatement. >> two police officers and a sherriff's deputy were killed. three other officers were wounded. a s.w.a.t. team officer shot and killed long as investigators try to learn about his motives. new calls for prosecutors from baltimore to throw in the towel after failing to convict another police officer charged in the death of freddie gray. the latest verdict came this morning. the most senior officer involved in the arrest was found not guilty on all charges. scott bourbon is in baltimore th evening where there are also calls for peace.
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>> reporter: there are. i want to remind you, the prosecution is in these cases against the police officers involved in the freddie gray rest, now batting zero, now batting 04 -- zero for 4. there are tensions higher than ever in the country right now. baton rouge and dallas was enough. please -- no more fouls. >> protesters in baltimore are still angry. >> i am not out here burning down things but we need to change things, people. >> they found him not guilty on charges ranging from involuntary manslaughter to misconduct in office. prosecutors claim rise was responsible for freddie gray process death -- gray's death because he was not buckled into a van.
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during the van ride. judge barry williams, an african-american said the failure to seatbelt may have been a mistake, or it may have been bad judgment but there was no evidence it was a crime. it was an outcome similar to the three previous police trials. >> once i went in that courtroom, my views changed somewhat. you could see on his face the judge was like -- >> the bottom line is they have not been able to secure a conviction. there are no more theories. the state really have to think hard about not prosecuting anymore -- has to think hard about not prosecuting anymore. >> so now it is three acquittals and a mistrial so far in the freddie gray cases. the prosecutor here citing a gag order has not made any
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her to drop the remaining cases including a call from baltimore's police union, the fraternal order of police. tonight the city is peaceful but mindful about what's going on in the country. in fact the police commissioner here has just ordered all of his officers to respond to calls doubled up with backup. they are writing in pairs tonight in baltimore. live in baltimore, scott broome. -- wusa9 . they have acknowledged civil liability in the case and his family has already been awarded $6.5 million in a civil settlement. a sheer stupidity has been charged with to makes -- to mystic assault. josi kennedy was arrested in leesburg on friday. he's on paid administrative leave during the investigation. >> it was a grim discovery for kayakers as boaters found a body near a fishing pier on
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afternoon. national resource police -- according to them, officers believe the man was warned about swimming alone on saturday due to the water conditions. he's not being identified until police get a debt -- a hold of his family. the coast guard is looking for a missing boater. the man jumped out of his boat to try to grab his fishing pole but the current was apparently too strong and the man couldn't make it back. virginia state police charged a truck driver with rest -- reckless driving after a morning crash that left tons of tomatoes across interstate 66. 50-year-old josi martinez of round hill xas is charged. investigators believe he was tired. he suffered from minor injuries. nobody else was hurt and police shut down interstate 66 at the root 15 overpass -- route 15 overpass but those did -- open in tifome r the morning commute.
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a police officer hit and killed a pedestrian. we have details on the investigation in a bit. and what we know about the truck driver behind the deadly attack in france and
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we are tracking the metro right now and face four of the big maintenance overhaul wraps up tonight. commuters get a day off before face five kicks off on wednesday when there will be continuous tracking. sound familiar? that's how we started the
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project. the good news -- no more line segment shutdowns until october. today is a yellow weather alert day. now, here's wusa9's first alert weather. >> it's popping out there. >> it is. if you are west of 95 it's okay . east of 95 -- not so good. through prince george's county and into southern island -- maryland, not a good thing. but let's start with the watch. as the threat moves further to the east, we are looking at a severe thunderstorm watch. this is technically now for the district, prince george's, prince william county, into southern not -- maryland, but notice montgomery county is clear and loudoun county clare also. -- clear also. the brighter yellows are severe went -- severe
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these are to the southwest of culpepper. impacts -- wet commute, low to moderate -- moderate. it won't be a huge problem but roads will be wet. thunderstorm severe risk -- is high. and hail -- that's very low. these aren't really hailstorms. it's still 73. winds out of the southwest. and 35 to 40 mi./h. now we conceal this -- the showers and storms and this is the really heavy activity. this is just heavier rain as everything is pushing off to the east southeast. moving at a pretty good clip. by 5:30 or 6:00 -- that will be lingering into southern maryland a little bit. you can see a severe thunderstorm warning in effect near charles and
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, and then that will eventually expire. but back to the west, we do have a warning in effect from a minute ago. it is still a pretty good storm as it moves across 5:22. so here we go -- severe thunderstorm watch for 8:00. main threat winds and heavy downpours. it's not as hot on tuesday and it's just a beautiful wednesday for playing golf, tennis, a job -- wednesday is your day. heat rolls in later. we could actually hit triple digits on saturday and sunday. melissa is out in the storm tracker. she's been tracking storms to the east of town. i know there's no hail but any trees down or threats of rain? >>we are seeing a lot of leaves town. we are -- down.
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we got caught in traffic, i will show you the traffic on the front of our dash here. you can see it's slow going and this is what we are left with traffic wise. it just hits traffic in a bad way out here. that's what we're dealing with right now. not much in the way of damage but hoping to head further south and east and see if we can find damage and storms cross over the potomac into the southern tip of maryland. back to you. we appreciate it. here's a look at futurecast. at 6:00 tomorrow morning, we are fine. mid-70s downtown. by 9:00, low 80s already but this is not quite as hot tomorrow. the front just all-star self. -- just stalls to our sout
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and by manasseh -- quite frankly all the showers dissipate. if your north near rockville or west of fairfax, you won't see any showers at all tomorrow. by tomorrow night temperatures are still in the mid-somebody -- mid-70s. okay tonight -- severe storms ending early and then partly cloudy and muggy. 68 to 76 with fog also after midnight. tomorrow morning, partly cloudy very warm, 68 to 88 and by early afternoon we cannot -- isolated storm around. on the day planner, downtown temperatures, upper 70s to starñ and upper 80s with the sunshine by 1 pm. the next three days will be just beautiful, wednesday is 87 and we are almost hot with some storms on thursday but here comes the real heat. 97 on friday
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when the numbers. -- barely fit on the panel. it's 100 on saturday and sunday, just isolated storms. the nats are in town through sunday. and it's still 95 next monday with an isolated storm. the fatal shooting has prompted officers to postpone a public event called cops on a corner. >> police stations everywhere are seeing support from the community as peggy fox is at the police department in leesburg. >> they have all seen an outpouring of police officers -- of support for police officers. >> here at the leesburg police department -- >> thank you so much for your hard work, stay safe and enjoy the apple cinnamon zucchini muffins with cream cheese frosting and they were wonderful. >> they've given flowers,
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of donuts and even a cake. it started after the fatal shootings of five officers in dallas and more sentiments came in today. it >> it makes us feel better coming in to do our jobs knowing the public is here to support us and has our back. >> the police tragedies on both sides highlight the need for a police junior camp like this one. they have been holding it for years. >> we come every day in shorts and t-shirts and not in the uniform to show that we are normal people, dads, brothers, sons -- they see me on a different level, playing kickball. >> >> they didn't go into it for the money. they are carrying people and i want my kids -- to care about them as well.
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>> they are giving a gift of $1000 to a local seafood restaurant to be delete about -- divvied up among the 70 police officers for gift cards. wusa9. the postponed police event will be rescheduled. >> we're learning more about the truck driver behind the attack along the french riviera. >> the uncle of him -- of the killer says -- french investigators have arrested him but they haven't found any clues that link him to the terrorist group. isis has taken responsibility for the attack. he rammed his truck into the crowd killing 84 people before he was shot and killed by police . a university of california berkeley student who was at the promenade during the attack is among the dead. nicholas leslie was a junior studying business. he was with a group of students when the attack happened. people on campus are stunned
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at the hands of terrorism. now how turkey will deal with the culprits in the failed coup could affect its bid to join the european union. the eu warned turkey that its membership could be in jeopardy if there were executions and the people involved in the failed attempt. nearly 9000 government employees implicated in the events were fired. pet owners spend a lot of money for healthy food. we talk about it in tonight's consumer alert. right after the break, zika this -- mystery after it kills its first victim in the u.s.
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the first part -- person in the continental u.s. to die from zika virus apparently passed it
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the ceo tweeted that tesla is cooperating with the german company and there are significant in -- significant improvements comping -- coming. pet owners are willing to pay pricey premium for dog food with ingredients like avocado, tail and free range poultry. those high-end products make up nearly half of recent on food sales. straight ahead, a 25-year- old
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drinking party. and right after the break, police
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violence against police officers in dallas and baton rouge has taken its toll. 1 million law enforcement faes
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police spouses have always confided solely in each other for support until now. local police wife's shared their fears with our own andrea mccarey. >> i am black, my kids are biracial. my husband is white. >> bobby padgett's fear over the safety of her police officer husband consumes her. >> there is no relief until you walk in the door. none. -- until he walks in the door. from the time he leaves until the time he comes back, it's anxiety. >> they know daddy is a police officer. >> come over here and go down the slide. >> reporter: they are too young to understand how dangerous his job can be. >> what do you say to daddy when he's going to work? >> be safe. >> it's completely unnerving time for police net -- families. just last week someone pumped bullets into the home of this police officer in indiana. >> we have a blue line flag that flies in front of
5:31 pm
but there are a lot of wives worried about their -- their safety. >> they are urging families to be wary of following facebook pages that support law enforcement and they are told not to wear police-related clothing or put stickers on their cars that support police. >> to now have to hide who we are and hide my children spaces because something -- faces because of something like this, it's pathetic. >> they are gunned down sibley for wearing a badge. >> reporter: recent events have changed the way she lives her life. >> art -- our doors are locked i never did that before to be honest. >> she admits she now cries herself to sleep. >> we have a large blue family and when one is taken down, we feel it. >> andrea mccarran wsa nine. --
5:32 pm
wusa9. >> many are now also retiring earlier than they had planned because of safety concerns and they are struggling to hire new recruits to replace them. we have a support page called united for blue posted -- linked on our facebook page. an officer is at the center of the ministry. >> and a man died walking through langley park yesterday. we are live with more on the sorry -- more on the story. >> reporter: it happened just back there. you can see university boulevard is very busy now but that was hardly the case at 2:30 sunday morning. now police need tips. two things are left on university boulevard: spray paint from investigators and questions about how a man was hit and killed by a police cruiser. >> it's heartbreaking.
5:33 pm
years. she comes to the all-night laundromat here, right next to the scene. >> i'm very careful. >> reporter: prince george's county police say the officer was going through a routine call, lights and sirens were off . the officer jumped out of the cruiser and tried to help but the man died. >> that's really sad. i have been in this area for a very long time and it's really sad, but it depends on the circumstances. >> police think the victim was not in a crosswalk. here, jaywalking is popular. >> the nearest crosswalk is 200 feet away. from where the crash happened. but just after this guy tops to us --
5:34 pm
>> it makes a lot of sense. to put a crosswalk there. >> reporter: police say there were -- they were close calls before the crash and two other drivers said they almost hit the same guy. >> prince george's county police say if you have any information, give them a call. the number is 866-4 11-tips. tonight they are trying to figure out how a 25-year-old man died at an underage drinking party. he was found unresponsive yesterday afternoon in a swimming pool. police say there were several people at the party who were extremely drunk, 11 underage people charged with alcohol possession. help is on the way for folks who use i-270. they announced plans for a nearly $230 million project to give you some help
5:35 pm
of the cash will go toward a new interchange at watkinsville road. there will also be a shuttle bus between metro stations. >> damaging new information about russia and the sochi olympic doping can -- scandal. they say the state-directed cheating scandal resulted in more than 300 falsified results. the answer was dirty samples were swapped for clean ones in the middle of the night. astronauts studying at the international space station will soon have much needed supplies. the falcon 9 rocket launched from cape canaveral in florida this morning and that rocket carries an important docking port for astronauts. they need the port to connect with the iss before the american crew can head that way.
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answering questions about allegations regarding an alleged ufo cover-up. and stephen colbert cares politicos at the rnc. -- dares politicos at the rnc. aren't mostly say -- most of the severe weather is now southeast of town.
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trending now, hijinks at the republican national convention . >> it won't be the last of them either, i have a feeling. he channeled his inner hunger games as he gaveled session into order yesterday. >> it's my honor to hereby launch and begin the 2016 republican national convention . >> i wonder if the security guy there is part of the bit, or if that's legitimate. that was colbert, dressed as says her flickr men, the host of the -- cesar
5:40 pm
games. former daily show host jon stewart will be taking part in some episodes and you can watch all the action after the news at 11 right here on wusa9. and 100 naked women gathered in cleveland to protest the rnc. they organized it to quote event -- quote shine the wisdom of women to change the world. one woman says she took part in the protest to rally against what she calls the misogynistic ways of the republican party. also trending tonight, house speaker paul ryan took selfies with dozens of capitol hill interns. >> but they are saying okay mr. speaker there's something missing from this group of wide- eyed young people. how about diversity? they are having a field day on this as one person tweeted and the award for
5:41 pm
selfie in history goes to speaker paul ryan. nasa is responding to allegations that it intentionally cut the live feed from the iss just as a -- as an object is coming into view. in an email -- and nasa spokesperson said the feed is set up to automatically cycle through cameras, meaning no one is actually monitoring the feed. as for the object itself, they said it is common for the moon, space junk or a reflection from the window to appear as artifact in photos and videos. >> come on, it was a ufo and we know it. [laughter] they are about to be reintroduced to the iconic 80s tv show he man. >> they created the first show since 1985 -- episode of that show since 1985. >> [music]
5:42 pm
>> he man! >> i wonder if they will update the music. >> why would they? it's great. [laughter] >> the episode is called the curse of the three terrors. the full version will make its debut at the san diego comic con on wednesday. >> we used to watch that all the time. that probably explains a lot about me. the deal -- the deadline for the deal. it's come and gone. why one former nfl star see -- thinks kirk cousins will still hit nfl payday. and right after the break, accident, and arrest and
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two people were killed in this crosswalk in just over six months. what is wrong here and what does the state need to do to fix it? i am boosler shea and the story -- bruce shea and that story is coming up. looking forward to being at the convention tonight, trump
5:46 pm
says he's looking forward to seeing the speakers including his wife melania . and -- everyone is safer when the -- when there is respect for the law and everyone is respected by the law. the race for finding characters has led to several accidents and arrests. tyler evans reports. >> reporter: in two weeks it's become the most popular mobile video game ever, with crowds of players eagerly looking for little monsters on their cell phones. even if it means abandoning their cars in new york city traffic to go pay -- chase pokimon in new york's central park. pokimon players are pretty easy to spot, staring at their cell phones but the problem is they are having trouble being track of their surroundings.
5:47 pm
the game led a 15-year-old across a busy street in pittsburgh where she was hit by a car. her advice to players: >> just to be careful. watch where you are going. >> the game landed robin bartholomew in jail after she decided to chase pokimon into the toledo zoo after-hours. >> hey i got a crazy idea, let's hop the fence. >> but rangers are encouraging players to come to their park by offering guided pokimon tours. >> you just want people stay on the trails. >> yes, and avoid danger that could possibly be out, like rattlesnakes, poison oak and ticks. all those fun things. >> anything it takes to catch them all. carter evans cbs news los angeles. >> i'm still stumped as to why people do this. >> it's been a week later, i am immersed in it -- i have been immersed in it and i am still
5:48 pm
>> you are a gamer? >> what? how long have you known me? let's get on with the weather. some folks won't have power . we have video from bethesda. elliott road and of all is try -- duvall is try. there have been some gusty winds but again the watch is pretty much over with. let me show you another picture -- this is the inner loop and pennsylvania. that's what we were looking at at about three or 4:00 -- 3:00 or 4:00 today. the exception will be the extreme southern maryland but -- for the most part we are in pretty good shape. the watch is gone. that just includes congress -- calaveras
5:49 pm
the watch continues until 8:00. and it's bringing up a bit out there. still 73 with showers of the airport. here's the radar and this was the heavy severe activity then moved across earlier. now to cross the bay. leftover showers on the east side of 95 toward dale city and fredericksburg but nothing severe. we will zoom in a little bit. folks are going out on 50 e. we've got pretty good showers still across parts of calaveras county. and st. mary's county. there's still a warning for this storm. you are under a warning out toward pennsylvania county until 6:15 and this will move off to the east and south, headed toward granite springs. at about 6:12 on the storm
5:50 pm
the main thread is winds and heavy downpours. it's not as hot tomorrow. pretty good and then just beautiful -- spectacular on wednesday. dangerous heat rolls in on friday. we've got the first triple digits of the year. by 8:00 tonight -- it's still in the 70s with most showers gone. future cast did not exactly do a bang up storm -- job at the storms. by 6:00 it's catching back up with police -- partly cloudy skies in the 70s. by lunchtime we are back in the upper 80s. most of the showers will be south of town. take culpepper south and waldorf south. 70s to start, 85 by only --
5:51 pm
there's low humidity, comfortably warm. it's just an isolated storm. friday, 97. 100 on saturday and sunday. the nats are in town through sunday . if you don't want to sweat at the ball park, you can watch on 9. speaking of the ballpark, an appropriate place to honor david bowie in prince george's county . >> it's called the bowie versus billy, bottoms up. it will pay tribute -- tribute to the late rocker this friday. they sent out this tweet and yes, they bowl -- will be wearing bowie-themed uniforms. there will be concerts untruths all evening long this friday in bowie. now wusa9's game on sports with frank callahan brought to
5:52 pm
>> franchise tag is a great situation for me. i'm glad to be under contract with the team this season and really anything beyond that is out of my hands. we will see what the day brings. >> redskins training camp starts in 10 days. they want to dump that guy -- he will be there but only on a one-year deal for the starting cornerback of the franchise. don't feel sorry for him. cousins will get a 3000% raise and will make $20 million this year under the franchise tag, but no long-term deal so should there be a concern with his contract situation? >> it doesn't surprise me. i think there's a lot of doubt. especially with the season last year -- a lot of guys have a great season and then get overpaid. they want to see this back to back. your pain guys
5:53 pm
a one-year contract is great. they wanted to stay there and keep producing. if you're the guy then you get a long-term deal. >> if you want the redskins -- listen to this guy along with frank kershaw. and the skins -- he was inducted into the hall of fame on sunday. >> i was a little bothered at first because people would say i can remember listening to you and you were so great but then -- i would say yes we had a great time, didn't we? yes. that was fun. and they would tell me -- stories of family reunions, going to the ballpark, so i think when you look back at the greatest decade of redskins history, we all shared it. that's what makes it special. >> he was awesome. touchdown washington redskins -- that was frank kearse at. -- kershaw.
5:54 pm
stop trump protesters disrupt the first day of the republican national convention. these are definitely not going according to script. we're live digging cleveland with the latest. and police are searching for answers after another bicyclist is killed in the very same silver spring crosswalk where a cyclist lost his life six months ago.
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5:57 pm
the american academy pediatrics say doctors want to make sure kids are getting the information they need about issues of sexuality. chris martinez reports. >> 14-year-old ryan herrera's annual checkup with his pediatrician includes a conversation about sex. >> do you feel comfortable that you have a place to go if you have questions about this? >> reporter: a new report from the american academy of pediatrics says pediatricians should play an active role in education -- -- educating young patients about sex. the civics education is effective in preventing and reducing the risk of teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. >> we want to make sure that whatever issues they are dealing with, they have an open forum to talk about th
5:58 pm
three teenagers doesn't get any information about their sexuality from their pediatrician. >> they said support from pediatricians and school programs can help parents and teens communicate better. ryan's mom acknowledges she doesn't know if he's getting the information we should. >> i'm pretty sure he does but not as much as one needs to be known. >> but ryan says he's comfortable asking his parents for guidance and so are his friends. >> parents know more because they have been through it and they can tell you what you need to do. >> it keeps teens healthy. cbs news baldwin park california. >> the american association of pediatricians says teen births and pregnancies have been going down since 1991 but the u.s. continues to lead industrialized countries with the highest rate of adolescent pregnancy. right now, not much unity yet -- they were -- the rnc is off to a rocky start and karen hague is live with the story. a deadly bicycle accident
5:59 pm
in a crosswalk where a man was killed six months ago. >> investigators say there's no question that the killing of three police officers in baton rouge was a deliberate ambush attack. good evening i'm bruce donovan. >> we want to show you a tree that fell in bethesda on default arrive. it also brought down power lines and is blocking the street currently. we also understand it's blocking the compound in line track -- camden line track near union station. >> dc fire shared this video of us -- of a glass go home on construction. nobody was injured. house next door had to be evacuated as a precaution. they issued a yellow weather alert because they knew storms were coming this way. where are they now? >> generally good news. the severe watches almost over. we still have an extreme watch in
6:00 pm
but remember, it covered everybody back to hagerstown and now that's over. that said there is a severe thunderstorm warning southwest near fredericksburg. they will probably trim this soon. there are severe weather now across to the eastern shore. we still have leftover showers but nothing crazy heavy. still slow going as we go out for 50 toward annapolis. or toward waldorf -- that's where the heaviest rain is but nothing severe right now. the storm has held together pretty well. this is essentially just wind damage. this is down into charles county . trees down and


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